Car Shampoo 900ML

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  • Premium and state of the art car wash soap that is not only extremely effective but also natural and gentle to be used on all sort of vehicle surfaces.
  • Prepared with high-quality pH neutral water softeners, Non-Ionic Surfactants, Foam boosters and water, this dense foam car wash reduces streaking, rusting and shading without leaving any water spots upon rinsing.
  • Smoothly removes and cleans all sort of grime, dirt and other dust particles safely from your vehicle and gives an immense amount of shine.
  • Protects the Non-Stick UV Protective Coating, color, wax, sealant layers, and natural shine on all vehicle surfaces while keeping it just like new.
  • Extreme suds, perfect and excellent all-purpose direct apply car wash product for weekly maintenance, that is easy to use with just simple rinses and clean with no residue.

Can be used anywhere, in any weather condition.


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