Creating ease of work for people and planet

Wiz! Driven by the high corporate governance, social responsibility standards and as a business leader, it believes in building long-term relationships with its clients, partners, employees, and the community at the huge level.Moreover, Wiz expresses its social responsibility in a range of corporate initiatives that impact its stakeholders and the community positively. Further, it practices race of activities, such as corporate dedication through social service, medical services for employees, and also promotion of different events and entertainments. Employees at Wiz contributes toward building the communities in which it functions, and the countries in which we operates. To take this vision further, Wiz regularly participates in welfare programs. In addition, the company is committed to provide friendly environmental policies as per government practices, and build a stronger and healthier local communities in form of education, charitable donations and support of non- profits agencies. Currently it operates in the following:-

  • BIN QASIM Blind Center.
  • FATIMD Foundation.
  • NGO’s Sponsorships.
  • District Government.
  • Al- Rashid Huner Kadda.
  • Al- Rashid Quran.
  • Hafeez Rashid Memorial.
  • Maintenance of water filteration plants.


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